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The Top 10 Movies of 2010

There are many ways to decide the top 10 movies of the year, from earnings at the box office to star ratings and even the ones that are the most mind blowing. Well here at POPCulture Online, we decided to go with what we thought was just damn good. We asked around, gather fans opinions and then added those to …

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Double Feature: Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett

Olivia Wilde stars in the Sci Fi Blockbuster Tron Legacy as Quorra, a mysterious warrior who aids Sam Flynn in The Grid. Thanks to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Singapore, we managed to find out more about Olivia’s training for the role and how she felt about being on someone’s hard drive. Q : Do actors of your generation think …

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POP Contest – Jan 2011 Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Tron Legacy POP Contest with exclusive Tron Legacy Premiums to be won. We asked "What would you do if you had the Lightcycle on the Grid?" It was a hard decision but here are the winners of our Jan 2011 edition. Jeremy Yeo – Consolation Prize I would fit the Lightcycle with …

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