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Tails of Iron Review

Tails of Iron Review Screenshot

Of Rats and Frogs, with a Dash of Bugs The King’s younger son Redgi must prove his worth to inherit the kingdom by defeating his older brother in a trial by combat. Against all odds he does and just when the crown is about to be passed to him, invaders attack and everything comes crashing down. Sounds like your typical …

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NBA 2K16 PC Review

NBA 2K16 Review Davis

One of the most well received sports franchise in 2K’s Bag, their NBA series of games have always done well overall and expectations are high as NBA 2K16 hits the shelves. As someone who has shot and watch the games from the side-lines but never played them (due to an old injury from my younger days), I was looking forward …

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Indie Game: The Movie Reviewed

A compelling glimpse into the passion game making through the eyes of 4 indie game developers. In this smart and somewhat chilling documentary “Indie Game: the Movie,” video game designer Phil Fish chillingly said into the camera that he would commit suicide if his brain child for several years “Fez” would not be released or completed, you get the feeling …

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Terror From The Deep

If there is one game that truly frightens the living daylights out of me, it is an old game (that I sometimes still play today with the aid of dosbox) that I got as a reward for doing well in my studies back in my school days. Nope its not first Resident Evil game nor is it any of the …

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5 Skyrim Mods to Consider

With the release of the Steam Workshop and the Skyrim Creation Kit for the massively popular RPG (Role Playing Game) Skyrim, the modding community has gone into overdrive mode in creating mods for the world of Skyrim. These mods not only extend and further improve the a gamers experience , they also add new functionality that helps make adventuring in …

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Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning Demo Impression

If there was ever such thing as a dream team for developing a RPG game, the people behind the upcoming action rpg from 38 Studios and Big Huge Game would fit the bill perfectly. Taking on the role of Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning’s game executive designer is Ken Rolston who was the lead designer of the highly successful The Elder …

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