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I Think I Better Start Learning How To Eat Kimchi

When me and Elliott first started POPCulture Online, I was always happy to be the one behind the camera taking the photos of stars cos well I got the bigger camera so it made sense. To be honest, I never did mind not being the one to meet the stars or interview them as long as I am the one …

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SNSD to release Japanese album GIRLS’ GENERATION

South Korean all girl group SNSD (Shoujo Jidai) has announced that they will be releasing their first Japanese album GIRLS' GENERATION come June 1st. The album will contain 12 songs which include their hit singles GENIE, Gee, Run Devil Run and MR. TAXI. There will be three types for fan to choose from, The Deluxe First Press Limited Edition, the …

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Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) releases MR. TAXI PV

Having released the dance version of the MR. Taxi PV earlier in the week, Shoujo Jidai or SNSD has released the full regular version of MR. TAXI PV. The regular version of the MR. TAXI PV has more close-up shots of the different members on top of them dancing energetically as in the dance version of the PV. MR. TAXI …

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