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SEA Games 2015 – National Service

SEA Games 2015 Women Water Polo Final Singapore OCBC Aquatic Centre Silver Medal

Right from the first whistle I could hear a kid, probably 6 years old trying to drown out the Thai supporters on her own. Well thankfully she had help from her fellow Singaporeans. I’ve seen a number of games during this SEA Games and if there are 2 sides who know how to entertain, it’s the Thais and the Singaporeans. …

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SEA Games 2015 – An Unbreakable Spirit

SEA Games 2015 Basketball Men Semi Final Singapore vs Indonesia

It didn’t matter if they were the ones to play catch up the whole 4 quarters. It also didn’t matter that they were playing a team on form nor did it matter who the opposition team were. It was always going to be a tough, physically challenging match that they had to face up to. Yet they kept on trying …

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SEA Games 2015 – Songs of Singapore

SEA Games 2015 OCBC Aquatic Centre Women Singapore vs Philippines

Perhaps it’s really the home advantage that has contributed even more than we thought. Being in the OCBC Aquatic Centre in the first quarter of the women’s water polo match between Singapore and the Philippines was much more than the straight forward game for Singapore. It’s been about the support. You get one guy in the west stand shouting “let’s …

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SEA Games 2015 – A Lesson On Life

SEA Games 2015 Water Polo OCBC Aquatic Centre Women Round Robin Match 4 Singapore Malaysia

“No No No Block!” said the kid seated behind me as his dad slowly and patiently explained the sport of waterpolo to him. “Well son, it won’t be easy for Malaysia to beat us because we are more experienced.” He explained everything and even took time to quiz his son on the rules. Meanwhile the crowd around us was screaming …

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SEA Games 2015 – Singapore Men’s Basketball Team Are 3 Up

SEA Games 2015 Basketball Men Preliminary Round Group B Game 9 Singapore Cambodia OCBC Arena Hall 1

Following their first 2 outstanding performances against Myanmar and then Vietnam. Team Singapore would play Cambodia last night at the OCBC arena in what would be their closest fight so far. Singapore started especially well in the first quarter stringing together plays and managing 31 points. Cambodia were not too far off with no. 11 PEK Mith who was giving …

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SEA Games 2015 – The Entertainers

SEA Games 2015 Basketball Men Preliminary Round Group B Game 9 OCBC Arena Hall 1 (1)

I think Singapore is still suffering from netball hangover but fear not, the Singapore Basketball team is here to pick things up. The roar of the OCBC Arena doesn’t seem to wait to stop with crowds still packing the place watching our basketballers dominate the court. They try all sorts of shots and you hear the crowd cheer in sync. …

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A Splashing Good Time

SEA Games 2015 Aquatics-Water Polo Round Robin Match 1 Indonesia vs Singapore (7)

“Defense! Defense!” Those were the deafening cheers from Singapore fans at the OCBC Aquatic Centre. The event – Singapore vs Indonesia in the first of the round robin matches for water polo. It’s quite an experience to be in the middle of all these Singaporean fans at 1.30 in the afternoon. I know for sure that there were office workers …

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SEA Games 2015: Singapore Ballers Arise!

SEA Games 2015 OCBC Arena Hall 1 Malaysia Pang Hui Min

A visit down to OCBC arena for a day of basketball! Many of us know basketball from our admiration of the NBA where you stand witness to impossible moves, shots, dunks. Basketball at the SEA Games however is somewhat different. While you get the same level of tenacity and the intensity, let’s face it, when you play for the pride …

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Fun for Everyone at the 28th SEA Games Carnival!

28th SEA Games Carnival

As we count down to the Opening Ceremony of the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, the Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC) has unveiled another opportunity for the community to feel excited and be involved in the Games – the 28th SEA Games Carnival. With a theme that revolves around the SEA Games mascot, Nila, the carnival promises lots …

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