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The Top 10 Babes of 2011

In our POP Babe section this month, we decided to do something a little different for our year-end wrap up of babes who have graced this section of the magazine. Instead of listing the Babes of the year according to popularity, we’re listing them according to who we thought stood out best when we met them…..or at least were within …

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Ruby Rocket

Ruby Leigh Young also known as Ruby Rocket first caught the attention of the cosplayer scene all the way here in Singapore from the United States with her portrayal of The Phoenix from X-Men a few years ago. From Austin TX, Ruby Rocket is an amazing burlesque dancer who has a thing for Superheroes and their costumes. She’s been a …

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The Underdog In Me

I’m a pretty big fan of boxing movies. Some of my favorites of course would be the Rocky series with Rocky IV my favorite, the one where Stallone has to battle Dolph Lundgren who was huge compared to him. He went up to the cold mountain areas to train with his close friends by his side, the media labeled him …

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