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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 5 – Dual Destinies Review

Three years. That’s how long English-speaking Ace Attorney fans had to wait for a new game, since Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. Afterall, Capcom made the decision to not translate AAI 2/Gyakuten Kenji. I mean, sure, three years isn’t really as long as what some other fans may have waited, but it sure does feel exceptionally long when there is …

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Fire Emblem Awakening Review

I’ve got this habit of referring to Fire Emblem: Awakening as ‘magic chess’ in my head. While perhaps not entirely appropriate, it’s nonetheless a pretty good description for it. Fire Emblem is a popular series of tactical role-playing games, and its latest game, also frequently referred to as FE13, is not so different. Truth be told, it’s actually my first …

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