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A Thank You Gift from Namie Amuro

Japanese singer Namie Amuro has made her latest song, “arigatou”, which means thank you in Japanese, a free to download song on her official facebook page. This is the first time the Japanese star has made her song available for free download. The song “arigatou” is the one Namie Amuro sang during the encore of her nationwide tour, “namie amuro …

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After School to debut in Japan this August

South Korean girl group After School has announced that they will be releasing their first Japanese single this August. The group has already worked with Japanese R&B and Pop singer Namie Amuro eariler this year for the song Make It Happen in the Checkmate! album and it is not surprising to see the girls entering the Japanese market on their …

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Namie Amuro as KOSE ESPRIQUE Spokesperson

KOSE Corporation, the maker of serveral brands of cosmetics recently launch a new makeup brand, ESPRIQUE that targets mainly women in their early 30s. A new series of commericals for the launch has also been airing and will feature Namie Amuro in it. From March 26 KOSÉ Corporation (President: Kazutoshi Kobayashi) will start TV commercials of "ESPRIQUE", a new make-up …

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