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AKB48 Singapore Theater ‘Live’ Vol.2

The official AKB48 Singapore website has been updated with details for the next theater performance for the Japanese Idol Group. It will be held this sunday, 29th May 2011 and will feature Team A's Misaki Iwasa, 5 members from Team K and 8 members from Team B. 2 research students will also be coming along for the event. And on …

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AKB48 Singapore Official Shop Opening

With kawaii(cute) smiles, sassy dance moves and a wide range of tunes from heart moving ballets to fast catchy tunes, the popularity of all girl idol group AKB48 has been growing since the idea turned reality happened back in 2005. It is no surprise that in Singapore where the number of people listening to J-Pop is on the rise, there …

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