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Wake Me Up When September Begins

I’m sure many would find the title of this month’s editor’s note somewhat familiar to a song by American Punk Rock band Green Day’s 2005 hit. I remember during my school days, the month of September would be the toughest as all the projects will come in like a tidal wave that would sweep everyone away. My Facebook’s news feed …

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The KiraCandy Girls

Mention the term “Otaku” and you will get the usual stereotype description of mostly fat guys with no life who lock themselves in their room and drooling at some pretty 2D female character. It also doesn’t help much that you see articles about extreme cases that really put them in even worst position. Yet if one really actually tries to …

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Cosplay At Cosfest XI

Probably the biggest cosplay event of the year, this year’s Cosfest XI : Go For It was held over the first weekend of July at a familiar place, Downtown East. Earmarked by cosplayers as one of the must attend cosplay events for the year, this year’s Cosfest XI sees a huge turn out of cosplayers, photographers and curious visitors. Upon …

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