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KiraCandy School Party

Held at the Tampines East Community Club on a sunny Saturday afternoon, The KiraCandy Girls held their first ever event, the KiraCandy School Party. Decked out in their KiraCandy School Uniform, the girls from the newly formed KiraCandy Girls group were all smiles as they went about their duties for the day. This included playing games with guest, serving food …

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The KiraCandy Girls

Mention the term “Otaku” and you will get the usual stereotype description of mostly fat guys with no life who lock themselves in their room and drooling at some pretty 2D female character. It also doesn’t help much that you see articles about extreme cases that really put them in even worst position. Yet if one really actually tries to …

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Food Nation

We’re a little later than usual but that’s because we’ve been on a break! Hahaha The Dark Knight Rises was just too epic for all of us so we took some time off. We’re back now and we’re really happy to be able to give you another treat this month! We’re featuring BRAVE! The latest offering from Disney Pixar. Actually …

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