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Non-Stop Review

Taken on a plane? Well sort off. Non-Stop does explore a very interesting post 911 concept which shows the reality of today – that 911 hasn’t been forgotten yet. Let’s find out if Non-Stop lives up to “new” action star Liam Neeson’s previous work. The Plot Global action star Liam Neeson stars in NON-STOP, a suspense thriller played out at …

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Carrie Review

I did not manage to watch the old Brian DePalma’s 1976 version of Carrie but I am a fan of Chloë Grace Moretz so naturally I was very excited about this remake. The Plot The film is centered around this high school outcast teen Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) who nurtures her power of telekinesis, while constantly being picked on …

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Crazy, Stupid, Love. Teaser Trailer

  Warner Bros. Pictures has released the teaser trailer for the upcoming Glenn Ficarra and John Requa directed movie, Crazy, Stupid, Love. This romantic comedy sees Steve Carell play Cal Weaver, a middle age man who thought he was living the dream until his Wife Emily (Julianne Moore) wants a divorce. Seeing his perfect life quickly unraveling, Cal spends his …

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