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This is Home

This Is Home Singapore Flag SG50

From a little fishing village to a metropolis with modern infrastructure and services, Singapore has come a long way some 50th years ago when the then Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew declared the country’s independence. Yet as someone who grew up in the developing years of Singapore, I never experienced the troubled times of the MacDonald House bombing in …

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EOY 2011 Coverage

In its 13th year running, the event known as EOY has definitely come a long way from its humble beginnings in a smaller venue of meeting rooms to one that uses The Republic Cultural Centre (Theatre) today. Add in a special guest from overseas, stage performances by local talents, lolita and cosplay runways and not forgetting the Meido Ambassadors and …

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Looking Forward To EOY 2011

The month of December is upon us and for almost everyone, it means that the festive holidays are finally here. From the pretty lights along orchard road to even little decorations here and there at home and in the office, everyone is gearing up for the Christmas Season and getting ready for a good break. But for a group of …

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Sennett Estate @ The Esplanade

To round up the weekend's "Songs We Love, Tunes You'd Sing To" over at the Esplanade's Outdoor Theater was local band, Sennett Estate.   The five member band believes that music sounds different when it is played life and somehow without knowing it, you will be drawn to become part of the audience. And that is how they like it, …

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