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5 things you didn’t know about Charlize Theron

The highly anticipated prequel to Snow White and The Huntsman hits cinemas in a week. And Charlize Theron returns as the evil queen in The Huntsman: Winter’s War all dressed in gold. This South African beauty has been the fantasy of almost every man in the world but did you know, she would have been a professional dancer if not for …

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Daisy Ridley

This issue we’ve picked the new lead of the Star Wars franchise as our POP Babe and since she is in a Star Wars movie, you can be sure she will be a pop culture icon for years to come. English actress Daisy Ridley plays Rey in this month’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens and based on the fan events …

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Fantasy World

We've had 3 covers before our latest issue and they have been pretty impressive from the likes of Olivia Wilde of Tron Legacy, Seth Rogen and Jay Chou of The Green Hornet and Alex Pettyfer of I am Number Four. But I gotta say this month is my favorite because we are finally able to put so many beautiful women …

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