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In Conversation with Hugh Jackman

Everyone was excited to meet Hugh Jackman and we had heard from other interviewers that he was a really nice guy, When we stepped in he was there standing up and reached out to introduce himself by shaking everyone’s hand. That leaves a strong impression. The both of us then somehow get into talking about relaxing and drinking by the …

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Emma Stone

For the past 3 years we’ve been looking for an excuse to feature Emma Stone as our Babe of the month. I mean for some of us here at POPCulture Online, she is the dream girl! Well I’m sure she’s every man’s dream girl. Opportunity arises this month with The Amazing Spider-Man being our cover story and very appropriately Emma …

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New Year’s Eve Reviewed

As 2011 draws to a close, filmmakers have decided to give us a feel good film done Valentine’s Day, Love Actually style – With a star studded cast. Sure, a huge cast means plenty of reasons to watch the film but what is it about New Year’s Eve that appeals. Trust me, it shouldn’t be just the cast. There is …

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