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Singapore’s Biggest Toy Collector

He is probably the biggest Toy Collector in Singapore and I had the chance to visit his home or should I say museum of Toys. They range from the likes of Hot Toys to even Bowen statues. Spencer Song runs a business that specializes in creating acrylic displays to preserve such toys and of course I got one from him …

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The Other Side Of Me

A friend recently commented that I must be really enjoying my photography as with POPCulture Online as I get to attend lots of events and capture many high profile people on camera. While I wouldn’t deny that I do enjoy attending events and capturing them down in pictures to share with the readers here on POPCulture Online, there is also …

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New Teaser Poster for The Dark Knight Rises

The official website for the 3rd installment in Christopher Nolan's Batman movie series, The Dark Knight Rises has released a new teaser poster. The poster shows the outline of the Bat logo with what looks like part of Gotham City crumbing down into ruins. While there is official hint or clue yet if there are any relations to the movie's …

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