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ELITE 2015 launches with innovative concept to find the fittest in Singapore‏

ELITE 2015, a brand new sports event in Singapore that will find truly fit people! Presented by Elite Pro Nutrition, the competition offers the true test of fitness, covering functional fitness, cardiovascular tenacity, endurance, pure strength, gymnastics and movement. This takes place over two qualifying rounds culminating in a Grand Final, all to be held at Bugis Junction. Besides searching …

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Diablo 3 – Farming Gold & Experience For New Players

Probably the most common question asked on the forums and searched for with regards to Blizzard’s 3rd installment in their Action RPG masterpiece, Diablo 3, is where to farm for experience and gold. After all, it is no secret that the Diablo series is all about getting good gear and to be able to use the best gear, you gotta …

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