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5 behind the scenes facts about Fifty Shades Darker

A spy snuck on set. There were rumors that a woman lied and said she was a PA and snuck on set and started doing little manual things like putting Cokes in the cooler. Finally somebody started a conversation with her, and something seemed weird, and we discovered that she was a spy. There was giggling during sex scenes. According to …

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Fifty Shades of Grey World Premieres

TODAY show “Fifty Shades First” event “Fifty Shades First” Screening Brunch Hosted by Universal Berlin Film Festival Gala Screening London Premiere Images Fifty Shades of Grey opens in cinemas 12 Feb 2015 Images courtesy of United International Pictures Singapore © POPCulture Online 2015

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Crazy In Love

I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never read the book. I mean I wanted to until I found out a movie adaptation was going to be done. I prefer to “read” a book via watching a movie. It’s easier for me to digest. With Fifty Shades, I’m going to keep to my tradition of watching the movie and then reading …

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