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On happiness and what it means to be a hero – an Interview with Leon Chiro


No stranger to the international cosplay community due to his massive scale of collaborations with leading video game companies, Leon Chiro’s portfolio of collaborations include Ubisoft, Square Enix, Capcom, 20th Century Fox, Riot Games and the likes. In town for the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC), our writer speaks to the Italian cosplayer on being heroes, and the …

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5 Epic Cosplayers You Saw at GameStart 2016

GameStart 2016 Cosplayers Deadpool

For this article, I challenge myself to not include any of the prize winners of the cosplay runway. Not that it’s much of a challenge. It was always amazing to see cosplayers strutting their stuff at local events, and Gamestart was not an exception. 1. Mini-Mercy from Overwatch There are beautiful cosplayers, there are awesome cosplayers, there are cute cosplayers, …

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Interview with Cosplayer Okageo

GameStart 2016 Cosplay Guest Okageo Interview

Cosplaying since 2008, Okageo has been invited to judge at cosplay contest around the world including a World Cosplay Summit preliminary. He has also worked with Crunchyroll, Elsword and Nerdblock to promote games and anime products, and also starred in “Call to Cosplay”. Recently in Singapore as one of the Cosplay Guest for GameStart 2016, Kenneth Wong speaks to the …

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Pugoffka: Before/Behind the Lens

STGCC 2016 Cosplay Guest Pugoffka Interview 01

Pugoffka is well known in the cosplay community for her beautiful cosplays and dramatic photos. This STGCC, our writer had the chance to talk to her and gather some insights on how she can navigate the dual identity of a cosplayer and a photographer, and keep herself out of trouble. You once mentioned in an online interview that you really …

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In Conversation with Jin (behindinfinity)

Jin (behindinfinity) Cosplay Hiro Hamada Big Hero 6 ICDS 2015

No stranger to the cosplay community, Jin (behindinfinity) is an internationally acclaimed cosplayer who has been featured on publications and online media worldwide. We talk to the cosplayer who has been making waves recently on social media for the portrayal of Hiro from Disney’s Big Hero 6 together with cosplay group Tux Team. Every cosplay journey has a beginning and …

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Interview With Cosplayer Kamui

ICDS 2014 - Cosplayer Interview Kamui featured image

Known for her jaw-dropping armored creations, many of which are inspired by Blizzard’s titles, Kamui is no stranger to the international cosplay community having won many awards for her craft. Recently emerging as grand champion at BlizzCon 2013′s cosplay competition, Kamui continues to wow the world with her excellent crafting and props making. Secretly plotting to steal her Axe to …

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Interview with Cosplayer Dat-Baka

ICDS 2014 - Cosplayer Dat Baka Interview 03

Having won a prize for his portrayal of Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara at SMASH! 2012 as part of Team Sexy Beast, Dat-Baka has amassed a sizable following in the short four years since his debut. No qualms about showing off his toned abs and muscles that make fangirls go crazy, Dat-Baka is also one really fun guy to hang …

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Cosplay Rock Star – Yuegene Fay

Interview Yuegene Fay Cosplay Toshiya 2

I lost half my interview notes from the last time I actually had time to sit down with Yuegene Fay to ask her some questions, which was a bit of a pain, really. But the good thing about being friends with your interviewee is that I could always text/Skype her the questions again (this time with promises of bribes in …

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Interview with Cosplayer Naokunn

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - Kisa Cosplay

After some soul searching and to appeal to our female readers as well, our resident Digital Artist decided to find a balance in his choice of interviewees’ gender and did his homework into male cosplayers. Looking for someone who not only is an established cosplayer but also a fine gentleman, he approaches local cosplayer Naokunn for an interview. Sekai Ichi …

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Interview With Emi Liaric

Juvia Cosplay from Fairy Tails

So while being a responsible worker, our resident Digital Artist Ken Koh was researching around and stumbled upon a cutie named Emi. Donning his best, he went into interviewer mode WITHOUT APPROVAL… Juvia Cosplay from Fairy Tails, photo by Ken Koh 1. Hey you, for the record just how old are you again? (As of  Jan 2014) 20 (Ken: Ok …

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Interview with Blacklash Jo

No stranger to both the local and regional cosplay community, Blacklash Jo has done many memorable cosplays such as Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series, Sweet Pea from Sucker Punch, Lady Sio from Afro Samurai and Oerba Yun Fang from Final Fantasy 13. Our resident digital artist turned interviewer Ken Koh, catches up with Blacklash Jo to find out …

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From Korea With Love

STGCC 2013 Interview with Aza Miyuko

Having cosplayed for 8 years and counting, the beautiful Aza Miyuko has done many amazing cosplays from the likes of Milla Maxwell from the Tales of Xillia playstation 3 game to Shingeki no Kyojin and even High School of the Dead. Here in Singapore for this year’s STGCC, Aza takes time off to talk about how she got started with …

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STGCC 2013 Returns with Vampy Bit Me, Adi Granov, Redjuice & More

STGCC 2013 Adi Granov Iron Man

It seems like forever as many fans waited for news on the upcoming Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) to appear after the announcement of the date and venue for this year’s STGCC. Last year’s STGCC saw the event move to the posh Sands Expo and Convention Center in Marina Bay Sands and saw many high profile guest including …

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Interview With Local Cosplayer Tessie Tan

No stranger to the local cosplay community here in Singapore, Ms Tessie Tan (or Tessie as her friends call her) has been active in both the local and regional scene with her many interesting cosplays of both male and female characters over the years. In this months issue of POPCulture Online, our Photographer turned interviewer Ken Koh sits down with …

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STGCC 2012 – Cosplayers Touya Hibiki & Kousaka Yun plus DJ haLRu

Japanese Popular Culture fans have more reasons to look forward to the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) 2012 as Reed Exhibitions announces three new pop culture personalities joining this year’s highly-anticipated line-up. Here’s a sneak peek on who will be in Singapore at this year’s STGCC to meet fans in Asia. Japanese cosplayer Touya Hibiki Touya Hibiki is …

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