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Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

Let me start off by saying that I am a massive Mass Effect fan, i was captivated by the struggle of Commander Shepard and his crew with the Reapers but no amount of love for the series could ever cover up my disappointment with the ending of Mass Effect 3; it somehow felt inadequate and rushed. I felt that NONE …

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Mass Effect 3 Reviewed

The final chapter in Commander Shepard’s Story comes to an explosive end The sense of things are about to come to an end is omnipresent in Mass Effect 3, even from the very beginning. The Reapers, towering metal death machines resembling large metal squids descends calmly on an earth hapless to defend itself, caught by surprise; the humans on earth …

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Back to PC Gaming in 2012

Ever since making the plunge and treating myself to some good old year end Christmas fun (not so for my wallet though) with the purchases of CoD: Modern Warfare 3 & Skyrim, I find myself once again back to being the Computer Geek that I once was in my university days. Well not so much of a computer hardware geek …

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