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In Conversation with Peter Dinklage

Even before the interview began you could see this man who is so famous for his role on Game of Thrones just sitting there waiting and looking very passionate about talking about his work and it certainly showed throughout chat. Peter Dinklage is an actor who believes in putting his best foot forward, ignoring criticisms and doing his best to …

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Modernizing a classic

Back in 1978 many cinema goers left theaters believing that a man could fly. It also saw the star of a certain Christopher Reeve rise high above the heavens. Since then, if you ask any who they thought was the best Superman, most people would say Christopher Reeve. But there have been quite a few who have tried to emulate …

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Up Up and Away

In 2006 Superman Returns was released and I was the most excited person in the world. Long have I wanted a Superman film in modern times since I used to watch Superman 1 and 2 on VHS in the 80s. At first I was impressed but after a while I realised there wasn’t much more to that film other than …

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