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Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS4) Review

Dragon Age Inquisition Review Screen Shot 02

Dragon Age is a series that is no stranger to gamers all around the world as the title itself seeks to marry and to combine the themes of medieval fantasy with the very well received and popular dialogue system of Bioware which is evident in other titles like mass effect, knights of the old republic. I still remembered dwelling into …

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The Other Side Of Me

A friend recently commented that I must be really enjoying my photography as with POPCulture Online as I get to attend lots of events and capture many high profile people on camera. While I wouldn’t deny that I do enjoy attending events and capturing them down in pictures to share with the readers here on POPCulture Online, there is also …

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XBOX360: Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC Review

This is Commander Shepard and this is NOT my favourite DLC on the Citadel… It is truly a bittersweet moment for me to review the Final piece of Downloadable Content for one of my all-time favourite RPGs of all time. On one hand, there is nothing left for the Bioware epic but that also means that Mass Effect 3 is …

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