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Living in a material world

I think one of the most exciting things about this month’s issue is that we are featuring a singer on the cover instead of a movie. The first thing that struck us was “Are we really putting the material girl as our cover art?” Well it turns out that thanks to a lot of support from our friends at Universal …

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Beauty and the Beast 3D Reviewed

They say that some classics should never be touched once they done with and going against that advise often results in remakes that more often than not, fail to do well at the box office. This is especially so when the new trend in the movie industry seem to be converting past movies shot in 2D into 3D and end …

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A Tale Revisited: Beauty and The Beast 3D

I remember as a young child, the idea of going to the cinema was always something very intriguing to my young innocent mind. I imagined it to be like watching a giant TV screen and instead of 1 episode of cartoon, it was 4 episodes together, screened at one go. Somehow my parents didn’t really buy into the whole movie …

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