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Batman Arkham Knight PS4 Review

Batman Arkham Knight PS4 Review Screen Shot 02

The final installment of the Batman series by Rocksteady. Will this game be the one that the people of world need? Or the one that the world deserves? Batman Arkham knight has Kevin Conroy reprising his role as Batman from the first 2 games and some might remember him from the 1990’s Batman Animated series. The main villain scarecrow is …

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Holy Auction Batman!

Have you ever wondered how Heroes plan for their retirement? Well one way we hear is to auction off their trusted rides since they no longer need to speed through the streets fighting crime or ghost for that matter. With thanks to the good people at the Chapman Automotive Group, we get a glimsp at how much some of these …

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Holy Batrides Batman

If there is one thing fans of the various Batman movies over the years have looked out for in each movie, its how the Batmobile would look like. After all, there is nothing more iconic than to zoom around fighting crime in something that friends and foes alike can notice from afar. In this month’s issue of POPCulture Online, the …

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Hot Toys at STGCC

Hot Toys stole the show at the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention. With dioramas and displays similar to the recent Ani-Com held in Hong Kong, fans from around the region not only flocked to Singapore for STGCC to get a glimpse of the prototypes that Hot Toys were planning to release but they also queued up as early 5am …

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