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NBA 2K17 Review


Basketball Season is back again with the NBA 2K series latest entry, NBA 2K17. Truth be told, expectations are high for this instalment as developers Visual Concepts have always delivered a gem of a game. Ok maybe not a perfect gem but still a game that will get NBA basketball fans all excited. After the last instalment’s little issue with …

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SEA Games 2015 – An Unbreakable Spirit

SEA Games 2015 Basketball Men Semi Final Singapore vs Indonesia

It didn’t matter if they were the ones to play catch up the whole 4 quarters. It also didn’t matter that they were playing a team on form nor did it matter who the opposition team were. It was always going to be a tough, physically challenging match that they had to face up to. Yet they kept on trying …

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SEA Games 2015 – Singapore Men’s Basketball Team Are 3 Up

SEA Games 2015 Basketball Men Preliminary Round Group B Game 9 Singapore Cambodia OCBC Arena Hall 1

Following their first 2 outstanding performances against Myanmar and then Vietnam. Team Singapore would play Cambodia last night at the OCBC arena in what would be their closest fight so far. Singapore started especially well in the first quarter stringing together plays and managing 31 points. Cambodia were not too far off with no. 11 PEK Mith who was giving …

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SEA Games 2015 – The Entertainers

SEA Games 2015 Basketball Men Preliminary Round Group B Game 9 OCBC Arena Hall 1 (1)

I think Singapore is still suffering from netball hangover but fear not, the Singapore Basketball team is here to pick things up. The roar of the OCBC Arena doesn’t seem to wait to stop with crowds still packing the place watching our basketballers dominate the court. They try all sorts of shots and you hear the crowd cheer in sync. …

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In Conversation with Sekure D

STGCC 2014 Interview Matt Sekure D Fabris Featured Image

Matt “Sekure D” Fabris is an Australian based artist dedicated to creating distinctive artwork over a number of mediums as well as uniquely handcrafting customized sneakers and vinyl toys. Since its inception in 2006 Sekure D has been meticulously creating one of a kind sneakers that have been sold and exhibited all over the world including the National Gallery of …

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Nothing Beats Live – Activation Basketball

Nothing Beats Live - Activation Basketball

A harmless buzzer out of nowhere in the middle of a shopping centre, a curious child wondering what it is. Before long the hand pushes the buzzer and a sleepy, quiet, normal space in NEX turns into a mini basketball 3 on 3 match. Not just anyone but 3 members of the Singapore Slingers (Tan Chin Hong, Wu Qingde and …

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NBA2K14 Review

NBA2k14 is here and we’re ready for the upcoming NBA season ahead. The cover of this year’s game is none other than Le Bron James and boy are we in for some basketball action. I’ve spent a good amount of time playing NBA2K since 08 and the comments I get from onlookers have been consistent. “Is this a live game? …

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