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Barclays Asia Trophy Finals 2015 #BAT2015

Barclays Asia Trophy Finals 2015 (4)

As part of the weekend, the POPCulture Online crew had the opportunity to head down to the national stadium once more this time for the Barclays Asia Trophy Finals 2015. Coming off from the first 2 games played earlier in the week, we were in for a real treat to witness 2 matches. The 3rd and 4th placing between Singapore …

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FIFA 16 Preview & Hands-On Event With Producer Matt Prior

FIFA 16 Hands On Preview Event Producer Matt Prior 04

A special get together with media from around the world, we gathered at the Grand Hyatt Singapore on the 16th of July in conjunction of the Barclays Asia Trophy competition for a FIFA 16 presentation and hands-on on EA Sport’s massive soccer franchise to find out what the developers have been up to constantly improving and making additions to this …

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