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10 Reasons To Play Guild Wars 2

It’s been a crazy weekend since the world of Guild Wars 2 was open to those who had pre-ordered the game. While the game does look very unconventional as compared to the mountain of other MMORPGs out there, its this unwillingness to follow the “rules” by the developers that has gotten the game so much attention. In this month’s POPCulture …

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Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend 1

The first beta weekend for the highly anticipated Guild Wars 2 came and gone like the wind. After all as the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. In fact it felt like time decided to hook on booster packs to try and go into hyperdrive mode. For those who are wondering whats with all the hype about …

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Looking Forward To The Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend

It is no big secret that if there is one thing the fan community loves, it is being invited to beta sessions. Sometimes this could be in the form of a closed beta where the invitation is random or to specific people and sometimes it could be an open beta weekend where anyone can register, download the game client, log …

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