T.M.Revolution’s Charity Program to be Stremed online

Having talked about holding a charity event in the wake of the massive earthquake that hit Japan, T.M.Revolution will hold it on the 2nd of April starting at 3PM. The event is titled "Hisaichi ni YELL wo Okurou! Ima Koso Tachiagare NIPPON! STAND UP! JAPAN" and will be streamed live on GyaO! and Nico Nico Live broadcast.

Although originally planned to be held at Zepp Tokyo on the 30th of March, it was later changed to be a streaming program rather than a crowd gathering event due to the recent rolling blackouts and the state of the damage done by the earthquake.

The main personalities for the program will include T.M.Revolution, SHOGO (175R), Tsuchiya Reo (RAG FAIR, Zboned Zubon), and Micro (HOME MADE Kazoku). Other celebrities that will be involved include Ono Mayumi, Tahara Souichirou, Shibata Hidetsugu (Untouchable), Tokito Ami, and Mutou Keiji (All Japan Pro Wrestling).

The program will be broadcast over nine hours and will include segments such as a charity auction, an acoustic live and also calling for donations for the victims of the earthquake.

Source: natalie

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