Swinging by the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2018

STGCC 2018 Entrance

Long queues, stressed security and anxious event attendees aiming limited edition merchandise. Yup, welcome to another edition of Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention where the Singaporean’s favorite past time of queuing is put to good use, and for good reason.

STGCC 2018 Event Purrballs

STGCC 2018 Event Tokidoki Booth

STGCC 2018 Event Booth

Unlike queuing for your favorite plate of chicken rice, here we queue (including this writer) for limited edition merchandise such as the Sakura Tokidoki Unicorn and Tokidoki x Hello Kitty, prints from artists and autographs from guests at the Walk of Fame.

STGCC 2018 Event XM Studios Spider-Man 2

STGCC 2018 Event Marvel Toys

STGCC 2018 Event Warhammer

Thankfully the organisers adequately spaced each booth and the air con was cranked at the right temperature so the one hour wait outside the Tokidoki booth was ok.

But I digress…

STGCC 2018 Event Guest Mark Brooks

STGCC 2018 Event Guest SHIRAGA

STGCC 2018 Event Guest SINGER Olivia Mears AvantGeek

Ever since their 10th anniversary last year (which also makes STGCC one of the longest running popular culture event in Singapore), the good people at ReedPop have been improving from their usual rojak of east and west to a convention more akin to the ones you’d find in the west.

STGCC 2018 Event LEGO Voltron

The surprise this year was the presence of the LEGO booth which was not shy with their promotion of their 6,000-piece Hogwarts set. From photo ops with the various LEGO setups to a LEGO-ed rendition of a Quidditch match and judging by the crowd it was clearly a major draw for most of the attendees. But that’s not all as LEGO also unveiled their Voltron set with designer Leandro Tayag​ making a special appearance at STGCC to sign Voltron merchandise for fans.

STGCC 2018 Event Venom Booth


STGCC 2018 Event Venon Booth Slime

If LEGO is not enough, STGCC also sees the invasion of the Spider-Verse with Sony Pictures coming in to setup an interactive booth for their upcoming anti-hero movie Venon. From playing with Alien slime (symbiote) to an Augmented Reality photo station, this is one booth that is a win for STGCC.

STGCC 2018 Event Spider-Verse

Not to be outdone, Spiderverse SG, the Singapore chapter of the international fandom dedicated to the web slinging hero with their own booth to celebrate the incoming release of Into the Spider-Verse. There you can take photographs at the specially constructed 3D photo-corner but also pose with cosplayers from the Spiderverse club for the added effect.

STGCC 2018 Event Cosplay Mario

STGCC 2018 Event Cosplay Star Wars

STGCC 2018 Event Cosplay Overwatch

What is a popular culture event without cosplayers and the cosplayer that turned up didn’t disappoint. The good thing about STGCC being more western oriented is this would mean more western cosplays. From Spiderman to Star Wars, these cosplayers never fail to provide a good photo memory of the event for everyone.

STGCC 2018 Event GGXP Competition

STGCC 2018 Event GGXP Indie

STGCC 2018 Event GGXP Game

Finally, what’s STGCC without the G. While the convention lacks the bright lights and thumping bass of a E3 or Tokyo Game Show; STGCC’s gaming section dubbed GGXP still occupied significant real estate. Local talent was out in full force with various local indies showing off their latest creations.

STGCC 2018 Event XM Studios Spider-Man

STGCC 2018 Event Cosplay Spider-Man

Overall, STGCC 2018 is another step in the right direction for ReedPOP and hopefully they will continue to bring in more surprises like LEGO and the Spider-Verse. Sadly I can’t say as much for the Japanese content and it doesn’t take a genius to see the difference. Hopefully now that they got the western content settled, we can see more effort put into the Japanese to have a nice compliment to the Western majority.

STGCC 2018 DJ Night

Additional credits: Alex Tan, Ken Koh & Kenny Chen

By Kenneth Wong

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