SUTD Game Lab’s Game Innovation Programme Industry Day 2014

Game Innovation Programme Industry Day 2014

SUTD Game Lab celebrated yet another successful year of Game Innovation Programme on the 31st August 2014, at Level 4 of the Art Science Museum, Marina bay Sands. Showcasing many “Made-in-Singapore” student games that go beyond entertainment, the games look to empower the disabled, to encourage staying fit using high-tech gadgets and even to save lives.

Game Innovation Programme Industry Day 2014

Even though it was a lazy rainy Sunday morning with a rather gloomy sky, the place was bustling with excitement as these student groups look to showcase all the hard work they have poured into their game projects under the mentorship of gaming juggernaut, Ubisoft Singapore.

Game Innovation Programme Industry Day 2014

These games were given directions from industry partners in the form of Product Advisers with names such as Razer, Health Visuals, SG Enable, Opportunity Lab and Lamdamu Games. This ensured that students not only get profession input and advice with their games but the direction that the games take are as real as possible.

Game Innovation Programme Industry Day 2014

After a short introduction to the event, the different student groups came up to give a short presentation about their game. From explaining the background to each game, the thought process and even challenges that each group face, it was not hard to tell that everyone was proud of their work at the end of it all.

Game Innovation Programme Industry Day 2014

We were then led to another room to check out the 5 games that were the product of many weeks of hard work:

Fast paced hack and slash in the veins of Dynasty Warriors with controls optimised for mobile platform.

Code Blue
Bite sized RTS where players save lives instead of taking them that is fun and educational at the same time

Asthma Knight
An Endless runner with a noble end that ains to help educate the younger generations about their asthmatic conditions

Using the RAZER NABU to encourage exercising where the more calories the player burn in real life = more lives and points I can get in game

A fun puzzle solving game that requires both brains and manual dexterity  with excellent narrative about empowerment and homecoming

Game Innovation Programme Industry Day 2014

Overall it has been a good morning looking at what our local students can produce with the guidance of industry partners. It is definitely heartening to see big names come in to partner with SUTD Game Lab and give students a chance to taste what the gaming industry is like. Hopefully this will continue to carry on in years to come and maybe one day we will see our own Sid Meier or  Chris Roberts.

by Kenneth Wong & Chen KangYi
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