Superheroes To Rock 2011

POPCulture online wishes you a Happy New Year! We are sure that 2011 is gonna rock because it's the year superheroes take on the big screen! And if you include each member of the X-Men, it will probably be the year with the most superheroes on screen!

Ler's take a look at some of them.

First up, The Green Hornet staring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou

What a way to start January, we are just 2 weeks away from catching this film. Though there were initial script problems and production issues, this movie was delayed till 2011 instead of it's earlier planned June 2010 release. I better be worth the wait!

Up next, Thor staring Chris Hemsworth

The Son of Odin will finally, finally, finally take to the big screen. We thought the ending scene from Iron Man 2 was epic but the trailer for Thor is beyond Epic! I'm drooling just thinking about it.

The Green Lantern staring Ryan Reynolds

When Deadpool was cast as the Green Lantern, most fanboys were saying he was perfect for the role. And as the trailer shows, he definately adds loads more personality to Hal Jordon. The CGI suit however still remains a question mark but hey based on the trailer it can't be that bad.

Captain America: The First Avenger staring Chris Evans

Fanboys would know there was a Captain America movie in 1990, hahaha it wasn't that bad really just perhaps not a high budget blockbuster but Chris Evans aka Johnny Storm is now Steve Rogers. Was there really no one else who could do the job? Well that was my first reaction……hopefully the trailer (when released) will prove me wrong.

X-Men: First Class staring James McAvoy and January Jones

We know very little about this film except that it's a prequel, kinda like a reboot. Well if Brett Ratner didn't have to go ruin everything and kill every character in X-Men The Last Stand then maybe we wouldn't need this film. I blame Bryan Singer for leaving a perfect franchise to go ruin Superman.

Cowboys and Aliens staring Daniel Craig

If you didn't know, this is based on a comic book and it's directed by fan-pleaser Jon Favreau…… will rock, Harrison Ford is in it!

Fast Five staring all the bad asses from the Fast and the furious franchise

Errr this ain't a superhero movie but we're putting these guys in just cos we love them and yes……they are our heroes on wheels!

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