No Strings Attached Reviewed

With Valentines Day just around the corner, here's our second pick of the Vday movies for your consideration……..No Strings Attached

The Plot

When 14-year-old Emma Kurtzman turned down the awkward, teenage advances of Adam Franklin outside of the Big Lodge at Camp Weehawken, neither one of them had any clue about real, adult sex.  But quite the opposite is true when, years later, Emma (NATALIE PORTMAN) and Adam (ASHTON KUTCHER) and wind up in bed having sex. Really good sex. 

And since Emma has a self-professed ‘peanut allergy to relationships,’ just as Adam has sworn them off because his once-famous television star dad (KEVIN KLINE) is now dating Adam’s most recent ex-girlfriend, the two decide to forego the accompanying emotional muddle of a relationship and just be friends with benefits. 

No commitment, no lying, no jealousy, no clothed spooning, no emotions, no shared breakfast, no “I miss you,” no body part nicknames, no mix tapes…in short, “No Strings Attached.”

What starts out as a perfect solution to physical need becomes a little more trick when Adam brings his feelings to bed.  Eventually, both wind up trying to untangle the strings they were trying to avoid altogether while struggling to answer one key question: can sex friends stay best friends without falling in love?

The Verdict

I know you might be expecting a cheesy romances film but we assure you it is not. In fact it's a very pleasent film and it's one of the kinds of Valentines Day movies where you don't necessarily have to go with a partner aka BF or GF, even a close friend will do.

Director Ivan Reitman, best know for 'Ghostbusters' does well in keeping the movie edgy, smart and sexy at the same time. Natalie Portman shows a steady hand in her executive producer duties and Ashton Kutcher seems to be coming your resident Valentines Day movie guy (He stared in Valentines Day last year with Jennifer Garner)

I found the best character of the film to be Adam's dad played by Kevin Kline. He added that charm to the film and that natural funny face, it's like when his character came on you would laugh. Ashton Kutcher doesn't really have that kind of look anymore but it worked out very well in this movie because the casting was a good balance.

Rating: 4 Hearts out of 5

It's a movie that definitely benefits from a sparkling and sexy performance by Natalie Portman. It's got some very clever turns in situations and witty banter. Happy Valentines Day!

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