Every year one of the highlights of The Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention is the massive display of toys and movie replicas. You’re always greeted by the life size statues from Hot Toys at the door with this year’s theme being Avengers Infinity War.

The Hot Toys booth however did not feature as much exclusives as one would normally expect. With no exclusive convention only toys being released for sale, the displays featured some old favourites as well as the obvious Infinity War figures that avid collectors will be wanting to get their hands on.

There were some hints at improvements to currently released toys like the Hulkbuster, spotting a different mechanical arm. Could this be an accessories pack that will be for sale later on? One will have to wait and see.

As you progress through the fair, the XM Studios display released catches your attention. They went big this year with a long runway of toys from the likes of X-men and Avengers on display.

The statues were rather eye-catching and clearly the favourite of the visitors this year with many taking multiple shots of these impressive figures.

The comic accuracy was also a draw as the colour was something that’s always a big draw in comics. The X-men figures this year probably edged out the rest of their collection this year but that’s just my opinion.

Another line on display from XM Studios was their Transformers series. And I’m not talking about the version from the movies but the old generation 1 cartoon series.

Boy transformers never looked this good with so much detail and even light up functions. Looking at XM Studios figures from different angles as well was part of an interesting toy appreciation experience.

The stand out figure from XM Studios this year was the Ninja Batman on a horse display near the front of their booth. The amount of detail to this Japanese rendition of Batman was on another level all together.

But apart from Hot Toys and XM Studios, many fans were eagerly awaiting a chance to see the new lego Voltron on display. It’s quite impressive and would make a great conversation piece for any toy collector.

With a retail price of $299, it’s quite affordable for a lego figure and you can be sure many were placing orders. Which was your favourite toy at STGCC 2018?

By Elliott Danker

Images courtesy of Alex Tan

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