STGCC 2018: 3 Things About AJO and Shiraga That You May Not Know

STGCC 2018 Cosplay Interview AJO 01

Our PCO writer had the opportunity to interview these two beautiful cosplayers from Taiwan last weekend at Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC). AJO and Shiraga are both well known for the depiction of cute female characters from popular series such as Kancholle. As expected of their image, both of them were dressed in adorable frills and laces as they spoke with our writer, revealing secrets about themselves that their fans may not have known about.

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1. They both started their cosplay career cosplaying as male characters.

Despite being best known for their female cosplays, AJO and Shiraga both started dabbling in this hobby with cosplays of male characters. Shiraga described her first character as “that brat”, Ryoma Echizen from Prince of Tennis.

As to whether or not she plans to cosplay male characters again, AJO said that she was unlikely to do so.

“I find that cosplaying as male characters are more demanding than cosplaying as female characters,” AJO explained. “The face shape, the physique, the entire aura… I think I’m not at that level to do that satisfactorily yet.”

STGCC 2018 Cosplay Interview AJO 01

2. Their dream cosplays

If given a chance to cosplay anything they want, putting aside costs or any other limitations, what would AJO and Shiraga want to cosplay?

“Mascots!” was AJO’s reply. “A lot of characters I like are mascot-type, like Pikachu. But I don’t know how to make them. That face! The arms! It would be so cute!”

Shiraga, on the other hand, was on the other end of the spectrum.

“I would want to cosplay ‘onekai’ type characters, like Scarlet Witch or Black Widow from the Avengers franchise.”

In fact, she did try. But instead of looking kick-ass like the characters ought to be, the result turned out to be very different.

“You could probably kill me with one hit,” she laughed.

STGCC 2018 Cosplay Interview AJO 01

3. They both do not like dressing up.

You may think that for cosplayers who put so much effort into preparing their costumes, putting on make-up, and styling their wigs, AJO and Shiraga would put a similar amount of effort into their day-to-day life. T-shirt and jeans are good enough for most days out. In fact, AJO jokingly told us that caps are great for days when even brushing her hair was a chore.

“Even for cosplay, I’m pretty zen about it. If it’s raining, I may opt for an easier cosplay because I’m too lazy to anything more complex.” (As a fellow cosplayer, this writer could definitely identify with that.) “The most important thing is to have fun.”

Isn’t it nice to hear that we are not the only lazy ones around?

Photos by Ken Koh

by Tessie Tan

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