STGCC 2014 Cosplay Runway

STGCC 2014 Cosplay Runway

Cosplayers are always a welcomed sight at any popular culture event because they add that special touch of colour and excitement to the event. This year, the Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention is no different with cosplayers from both Eastern and Western movies, anime and comics showcasing their costumes, props and poses.

STGCC 2014 Cosplay Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Groot

To celebrate all the hard work that the cosplayers have put in to get their costumes ready is the Cosplay Runway, which saw over an hour of stage time specially set aside for cosplayers to showcase their talents, fashion runway style.

STGCC 2014 Cosplay Runway 300 King Leonidas

Representing the western popular culture were cosplayers who paid tribute to the likes of Captain America, Lords of the Rings, 300, hit TV series Arrow and even Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator.

STGCC 2014 Cosplay Runway Major Motoko Kusanagi Ghost In The Shell

The eastern popular culture was also well represented with characters from Fire Emblem, Free, Ghost In The Shell and Love Live all taking to the stage just to name a few.

STGCC 2014 Cosplay Runway Lenneth XVII Free Fireman Makoto

The STGCC 2014 Cosplay Guests also made an appearance to the appreciation of the crowd and Lenneth XVII and Aliga certainly showed their appreciation back to the fans who were very supportive over the two days.

STGCC 2014 Cosplay Runway Sylvanas Windrunner

Being a Blizzard fan, it was also good to see cosplays of Sylvanas Windrunner and my favorite Heroes of the Storm healer, Li Li Stormstout make the runway.

STGCC 2014 Cosplay Runway Predator Reno Tan

Ending the STGCC 2014 Cosplay Runway was cosplay veteran Reno Tan, founder of Movie Mania, in his very detailed Predator costume.

STGCC 2014 Cosplay Runway Star Wars Darth Vader Stormtroppers

I always appreciate the idea of a Cosplay Runway for cosplayers to showcase their talents and skills in a non competitive way over the usual cosplay competitions because sometimes its not about winning but about enjoying and celebrating the cosplay hobby together.

STGCC 2014 Cosplay Runway

Kudos to ReedEXPO for keeping this idea of the Cosplay Runway for STGCC 2014 and I do hope this tradition continues into the future STGCC events.

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Additional photos by Ken Koh & Alex Tan

by Kenneth Wong
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