Vampy Bit Me

There was one name that drew lots of attention after the guest line up for the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention was announced and it was none other than Linda Le better known as Vampy Bit Me. Ever since she was discovered by Japanese toy company Kotobukiya and subsequently featured in the cosplay showcase book Otacool 2, Vampy has gone on to leave a mark on the international cosplay scene.

STGCC 2013 Vampy Bit Me Media Preview
Vampy Bit Me or Linda Le in her Psylocke cosplay during the STGCC 2013 Media Preview. Photo by Ken Koh

Seen playing along with a local Deadpool cosplayer where she pretended to give him a peck on the head which he followed suit by pretending to faint, Vampy has always enjoyed interacting with other cosplayers and exchanging coscards (Cosplay Cards) while answering questions from the media. Another reason she enjoys going to conventions at home and abroad especially in Asia is that cosplayers there are expressive and that inspires her to improve her own craft as a cosplayer.

But of course, every success story has a humble beginning. Who would have guessed that even at a young age, little Linda was taught sewing by her mom at the tender age of 4. Prop making would come later thanks to her dad and as she puts it, “I guess I started very young and have been making stuff almost all my life”.

STGCC 2013 Vampy Bit Me Jun the Swan Cosplay
Vampy Bit Me in her Gatchaman cosplay of Jun the Swan during STGCC 2013 day 1. Photo by Kenneth Wong

The self proclaimed otaku girl also has quite an interesting life outside of cosplay as she professes her love for Gundam and building Gunpla or Gundam Model Kits. Interestingly enough, she prefers Zeon over the Federation for those familiar with the UC series with Zaku mobile armor being her favorite.

Other hobbies include playing the saxophone and guitar, going for metal concerts and eating a lot. Considering her figure that I am sure many females would get jealous of, one does wonder if she has been blessed with a high metabolism rate or discovered a top secret work out plan especially with her brother being a chef.

STGCC 2013 Vampy Bit Me Gantz Cosplay Runway
Vampy Bit Me in her Reika Shimohira Cosplay from Gantz during the Cosplay Runway. Photo by Ken Koh

Fans of Vampy definitely got their money’s worth over the 2 day convention as she made many appearances both on the convention grounds and also on stage during the cosplay panel and the cosplay runway where she cosplayed as Reika Shimohira from the anime and manga series Gantz. It was not surprising to also see a long queue during her autograph session at the walk of fame.

But what is a Cosplayer if there are no photo shoots? Teaming up with a local cosplayer MinTos, both cosplayers did a night shoot for the Gantz series. With local photographer Rescend handling the shoot with his own unique cinematic style of framing.

Vampy Bit Me Gantz Cosplay Photoshoot Singapore
Vampy Bit Me as Reika Shimohira from the anime and manga series Gantz. Photo by Rescend

While I was unable to *cough* bribe *cough* more photos from Rescend for this article, I did manage to acquire the preview shot above.

And with that I am pretty sure that I’m not the only one who’s eagerly awaiting the whole series of photos. Do stalk… I mean follow the Facebook pages of Vampy Bit Me, MinTos & Rescend for the releases of those photos cos I know I would!

by Kenneth Wong

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