Of Inori and Mana with Redjuice

STGCC 2013 Interview with Redjuice

Known widely for designing the characters in the hit anime Guilty Crown and also for his past involvements with Supercell and Livetune, illustrator and designer Redjuice was in town for STGCC 2013. Spending time talking to members of the media, Redjuice shared his how his designs for the characters in Guilty Crown came about and who his favorite character was.

What inspired you to start drawing and what made you decide to be an artist?

Redjuice started drawing when he was very young during his kindergarten days but he only started drawing professionally when he was twenty four years old after switching over from being an engineer.

He always drew in his free time and as he found that he liked it, he decided to switch over to being a professional artist.

What were his inspiration for the characters in Guilty Crown?

It all started with a senario and from there a character sheet was developed. On the character sheet, there were details on the character’s personality and physical features. From that character sheet, he created the character designs.

There were also senario meetings where the story is being discussed and from these meetings, there will be changes. He will take notes during the meetings and the chracter designs will be edited accordingly.

For some of the characters, they didn’t exist in the beginning but he wanted to draw them out and they were approved.

STGCC 2013 Redjuice Live Drawing

The completed artwork from the live drawing segment as found on Redjuice Facebook Page

As a professional artist, how does Redjuice manage his time between that and personal life?

For some others, they do have a balance between work and life but for his case. For Redjuice case, he loves to draw so even in his free time he draws. So in his case, his work is actually also his hobby and so there really isn’t a need for a distinct balance.

This is Redjuice first time in Singapore so how has he found the country and STGCC in particular?

He has attended many dojinshi events and at these events, there are more booths with art groups and people doing their own art. But here at STGCC, there are more corperate booths compared to people doing their own drawings.

And this mix of corperate booths and dojinshi booths even though messy also means you can enjoy both at the same time in one event instead of just one thing at one event as with the other events he has attended.

As Redjuice is also a big fan of Iron Man and the Mark I suit, he is having a lot of fun here looking through the various Iron Man displays and toys.

Has Redjuice tried any of the local dishes yet?

He has only been in Singapore for a few days as with the busy schedule he hasn’t had a chance to eat much Singaporean food yet. But he has tried the famous Chilli Crab and a few other Crab dishes. He also likes the vegetable dish where it is fried with garlic which is what is locally called “Zhi Char”.

Does Redjuice have any favorite character from the Guilty Crown Series and why does he like that character?

At STGCC he hasn’t seen much Inori cosplay, in fact he only saw one or two yesterday. But when he went to Malaysia last year for Comic Festia, he saw about 20 Inori Yuzuriha cosplayers. He knows that among Guilty Crown fans, there are many Inori fans. But in his case, Inori is actually a reflect character cos she is designed that way.

His prefers Mana Ouma instead as he put quite a bit of preferences into her and as she is more of the eogistic one and is very alive, he prefers her over Inori.

Thank you Redjuice for your time.

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