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Members of the Media were invited to a special Media Preview of this year’s Singapore Toy, Games, Comic Convention 2013 which was held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention center. In a cozy little room, the media preview kicked off with our very own Elliott Danker introducing what can be expected at this year’s STGCC 2013.

This year’s Media Preview was cleverly divided according to the the name of the event with the games segment starting first.

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No stranger to the gaming industry is Mr Hideo BABA, general producer of the highly acclaimed “Tales Of” series by Namco Bandai. A very lively guy, he also brought along a cute little soft toy which is from the series. Sharing his thoughts about the game, Mr Hideo BABA definitely whet everyone’s appetite for his stage event where fans can find out more about the game.

Joining Mr Hideo BABA on stage is one of the big names in the Cosplay circle, AZA. Cosplaying for 8 years now and based in Korea, the beautiful AZA cosplayed as Milla Maxwell. Sharing her cosplay experiences, the soft spoken lady really caught many photographer’s attention as shutters went off like machine guns during the storming of Normandy. I do wonder why the need to take so many photos of one pose but I guess that’s a mystery I will never uncover.

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Next up is the Toys segment where 3 members of the Army of Snipers, J★RYU, Angry Woebots and Luke Chueh took to the stage to share about their inspiration for the work that they do. Members of the media were also treated to a live drawing by Angry Woebots who did a great artwork of an angry Panda. For a while I thought it was something out of Mist of Pandaria but on closer inspection, you can tell that this guy is good at what he does especially looking at the strokes of paint and the time taken to do it. Wonder if Blizzard would consider getting him to help out with the Pandarian designs in the future.

It was also nice to hear each of their stories and how human they were in getting to where they are now. Even though now with a following of their own, they stayed humble as they explain how it is always important to remember the people around you especially those who supported you.

Now that’s a good life lesson for everyone to learn.

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The final segment was the Comics and first up on stage is the lovely Vampy Bit Me from America. Wearing her Psylocke (the xforce version), it is no surprise that all eyes were glued on the lovely lady. Sharing how she first got started into cosplay with her parents playing “Dress Up” on her and her brother, Vampy has definitely come a long way since those days to be one of the big names in the international Cosplay community.

Sharing the stage with Vampy is someone who comes from both the comic and game industry, Joe Madureira and the guy to go to for food, C.B. Cebulski… who is also the main man when it comes to talent scouting for Marvel. They both shared many insights into the world of comic books especially on the Marvel end.

Fans of Joe Madureira will also be happy to know that he will definitely be doing something with his Battle Chasers series. No details yet but the man himself announced that he will be back on the drawing board with that.

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Members of the Media were also treated to a first look at some of the items that will be on sale during STGCC 2013 itself. From UglyDoll’s Hello Kitty Series (which boyfriends who missed out on the last round should take note) to the big huge Metroplex Transformer and even very lifelike figurines of Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney.

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As per expectations looking at all the announcements so far, this year’s Singapore Toy, Games, Comic Convention is definitly looking to be another step up from the previous years. The team has definitely kept to their vision to bring the western popular culture to this side of the world yet not forgetting the eastern as well. A balance that is never easy to do but I am glad that the team behind STGCC is trying their best.

STGCC 2013 will happen over the weekend (that is tomorrow and sunday) and looking at all the buzz on the internet, it does look to be living up as the coolest event in town!

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