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Starting out as an intern at Marvel Comics while still in high school to starting his own comics and getting involved in the gaming industry such as the Darksiders, Joe Madureira (often called Joe Mad) is no stranger when it comes to designs and artwork.

Amidst his busy schedule at STGCC signing autographs and being up on stage for the various panels, Kenneth and Kenny join in the conversation with Joe Mad as he talks about movies, some of the challenges he faces and his experience at this year’s Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention.

We have seen lots of Marvel Comics move onto the big screen and if you could take one of the characters that you drew and put him or her on the big screen, who would it be and why?

I had a lot of fun drawing Valkyrie with the Ultimates and I would have no idea who to cast in that role but she would make a cool addition to the Avengers film. Although she is basically like Thor with a sword but she has a flying horse so in recent times if you ask me that question, it would have to be her.

Following up on that, would she have a stand alone movie or more of a cameo like say a love interest to Thor?

She should stay as a cameo in the next avengers film although talking about avengers, it was interesting to hear that Quicksilver will be in the next avenger’s film. He and Scarlet Witch always had an interesting dynamics and it would be interesting to see how they handle it in the film.

He is a super fast character and it is super fun with what you can do with them. while it’s been done in animation, it has never been done in a movie so I do hope they pull it off well.

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What are challenges you still face today?

I am surprised that I am constantly challenged like I will get a script that I wouldn’t know what is in it and there will be sequences where I have to plan it out in my head. Sometimes I know and sometimes I don’t know the sequence and it is always challenging when I don’t.

I don’t always love the way I draw certain characters like how I will get characters like Electra which I was hoping for a chance to and somehow it doesn’t turn out how I like it. For instance I don’t really like how I draw Captain America. Or like Spiderman where so many good artist have drawn Spidy yet when it comes to my turn, somehow it is not as cool when it is my turn and that is the stuff that challenges me.

I think to myself what will people remember about my own artwork, whether I think it is exciting as if it is not to me than it might not be to other people. I struggled with this for a long time and like in the inhuman series, I have to draw like more new characters and it challenges me a lot.

But I have gotten more confident about concept art in general and creating characters from scratch which is one of the fun things for me where I can do it all day long. It is always challenging and never gets easier but I have developed tricks to deal with it.

With technology advancing, would you prefer to draw digitally or the old pen and pencil way?

I still use pencil on paper as I love the feel of it on paper. I have used digital like tablets and such for game concept art as there is much more exploration and working with colours but for drawing comics I will always do it on paper.

It just doesn’t feel right doing it digitally plus I always love having the original artwork in paper. I don’t like having it like a file on my computer.

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Any memorable experiences here at STGCC?

Everyone has been really nice and I had a chat with David Mack about how everyone has been really sweet and polite. Someone handed me a letter the other day and it was the sweetest thing I have ever read. So far it has been a really good experience.

Do you mind sharing what was in the letter?

Sorry I can’t say as the letter was meant that way. It was really tapped all the way and I was wonder why is this tapped shut. After reading it, I tearing the tape off and worried that I might rip the contents but after reading it, I understood why the writer didn’t want anyone to read it so obviously I can’t tell anyone about it.

But overall it has been nice here and I have been enjoying STGCC.

Thank you Joe for your time.

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