Piko wows at STGCC 2012

Piko, a professional singer who possesses an astonishing spectrum of vocal abilities, made his South East Asian debut at Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention 2012!

Having charmed and garnered many fans across the world with his ability to switch from male to female vocals, Piko has already held numerous performances in Taiwan, Hongkong, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy. His song “Sakurane” was used as the ending song for the anime “Yorinuki Gintama-san”, while his new release “MakeMyDay” has been scheduled to be the opening song for the anime “Binbougami ga!”.

Indeed the fans in Singapore were wowed by his brilliant performances when help a showcase to a packed hall at the Marina Bay Sands Expo. Piko actually began music as the vocalist of a band during his second year of high school, and continued activities in the music department of his college.

In 2007 while browsing the music cover section of popular internet video-sharing site Nico Nico Douga, Piko’s mother encouraged him to upload his own covers and he became widely popular on this site. His Nico Nico username and stage name comes from the name of a pet dog he has.

It was no surprise then to see the stage area packed with fans eagerly awaiting his showcase as the queue started forming at least an hour before the segment.  As the organisers decided to remove all the chairs to allow a bigger capacity in, this added another  good 30mins to the waiting time. Thankfully the event crew worked fast and the fans understood that it was to their benefit and didn’t complain too much as it meant getting closer to their idol.

It would probably be back in 2007 when I started uploading my singing clips onto Nico Nico Douga. People started commenting that I sounded like a girl and I thought that it was pretty interesting and so I started using it to my strengths.

Piko on when he noticed his ability to hit high notes

I’d really like to visit Alaska but if it’s somewhere around this region then I’d say Indonesia because I love curry!

Piko on places he’d like to visit

I’ll be heading up to China for an Anime event and then it’s off to Hong Kong for a live concert. I’ve actually also got a CD lined up for a winter release to that’s something to watch out for.

Piko on his plans for the rest of 2012

While I guess he did seem rather stiff at the start of the showcase, Piko did eventually warm up to the stage and his fans and gave a performance many would be remembering for quite a while. His vocal capability to hit both male and female chords were rather amazing live as he sang songs like Ama no Jaku, Emiiro Refrain, Sakurane & Nisoku Hokou.

The crowd was of course estatic at his performance, screaming at every chance they had and some even waving home made banners to show their support. With Piko commenting that he would like to perform here again, I’m sure looking at the reaction from the fans at the showcase, it would not take much convincing to his management to do so.

Do also check out our photo gallery of Piko’s performance:

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