STGCC 2012 Cosplay Runway

A new trend has been slowly appearing among the various popular culture events here in the form of a runway which features Cosplay. This not only allows more participants to take part as compared to the usual competition as there is no need to form a team and find extra time to rehearse the performance.

This also means that majority of the cosplayers who have their own busy life schedules to juggle can now showcase all their hard work and time spent on their costume. Without the worry of the extra preparation if it were a performance, cosplayers taking part can fully concentrate on their poses and also enjoying themselves on the runway.

As expected, the hall was already packed filled with people with their image capturing devices all ready. From handphone with cameras to full fledge DSLRs, one only needs to stand in the mist of the audience to feel the excitement. After all, its not everyday 50 over cosplayers come together for stage segment.

With music inspired by the ones used at the more up market fashion shows, the cosplayers took their turns to come on stage to the delight of fans both young and old alike.

From popular series such as Final Fantasy, D.Gray-man and Trinity Blood, there is no doubt the popularity of Japanese games, anime and manga characters among the local cosplayers here.

Even the guest from Japan also joined in the fun with Touya Hibiki cosplaying as Tokiya Ichinose from Uta no Prince-sama, Kousaka Yun cosplaying as Ranka Lee from the even popular Macross Frontier and my favourite Japanese cosplayer, Tadaaki ‘Jacky’ Dosai cosplaying as Kotetsu Kaburagi from Tiger & Bunny.

But of course, the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention is all about east meets west and the “western” characters also got their share of limelight. From the army guys from EA Games upcoming first person shooters to the ever recognisable Red Ranger, the western world of popular culture was definitely well represented.

Lets not forget the good people from Movie Mania as well as with DC Comics and Marvel represented here in STGCC in various forms, it is no surprised to see the likes of Iron Man, Batman, Catwoman and even Bane from The Dark Knight Rises cosplayed on stage.

Overall the idea of a cosplay runway and having cosplayers from both east and west popular culture sphere taking part is quite a bold idea which paid off well from the audience reaction. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive at first with the application deadline kinda tight with so many events happening this year but to see so many cosplayers on stage with well made costumes is an encouraging sight.

Lets hope this will be continued trend in future STGCC events!

Do also check out our photo gallery of the STGCC Cosplay Runway:

Photography by Kenneth Wong & Ken Koh.

by Kenneth Wong
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