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As part of the AKB48 experience at *SCAPE for October, sister group SDN48 held 2 concerts at the *SCAPE Warehouse on 8 Oct in front of a full house! They managed to make some time for us to interview them on stage behind closed doors while they were getting ready for their 2nd concert.

The group was created based on an “Adult Idol” concept to appeal to a more mature audience. Well judging by their performance outfits, you can imagine how cool and sexy the girls are on stage, but what are they really like in person?… Elliott Danker speaks to SDN48 1st generation members Sayaka Kondo, Yukari Sato and Chen Qu about their personal style, their hopes and dreams and their biggest music influences.

POPCulture Online: What’s the difference between SDN48 and the other sister groups like AKB48?

Sayaka Kondo: The songs and lyrics are a little bit different because it’s meant to appeal to an audience above 18 years old. So it’s sexier and the way we dance and sing is the most distinctively different form our sister groups.

Yukari Sato: We are more sexier than the other groups because we are older and so with our different working experiences as well during our MC sessions during the concert we more topics to talk about so that adds to the audience being able to enjoy our concerts more.

Chen Qu: All the members are above 20 years old and so we have more experience in society with our different backgrounds. All this adds to our individual uniqueness.

POPCulture Online: Who are your biggest music influences?

Sayaka Kondo: I like Japanese rock singers like Bonnie Pink. For the international singers I really like No Doubt. who is also a rock group. When I’m on a radio program in Japan I always request for songs from No Doubt because I have memories of back when I was in the U.S. where I spent a lot of time listening to No Doubt.

Yukari Sato: I love Ayumi Hamasaki! When I was in junior high I joined the fan club of Ayumi and I was moved by the lyrics of her songs. The lyrics always reflected what I was going through as teenager so I could really relate. The very first CD that I bought is a Ayumi Hamasaki CD and I still like it a lot till this day.

Chen Qu: I started listening to Ayumi Hamasaki from when I was living in China and through her songs I learnt Japanese. Akiko Wada is another artiste I like because she’s older and has a more soulful sound. She’s a classic singer who I really admire.

POPCulture Online: What do you do in your free time?

Sayaka Kondo: I usually go out for horse racing in Toyko or I’m out drinking. I don’t really stay home much so I’m out all the time, sometimes with just one other person for a quiet night or with a whole bunch of people for a party.

Yukari Sato: I’m always going out with Kondo-San and one of our favorite hang out spots are nature places we can just rest. But apart from that I’m actually an indoor person so if I’m not out with her I prefer to stay home.

Chen Qu: I often go out with Kondo-San to hang out or go shopping. I also love playing my PSP.

POPCulture Online: Lastly, tell us about your personal hopes and dreams for the future?

Sayaka Kondo: I’d like to be a radio personality! I wanna join a major channel as a DJ and invite many artistes from overseas who speak English and have interviews ‘live’ on radio in Japan!

Yukari Sato: Well I used to be from AKB48 and now I’m in SDN48 so I have a lot of experience being part of a group. What I’d really like is to one day be able to be more of a solo artiste and make a name for myself as an individual. I’d also like have a variety program of my own or maybe be a cover girl model for magazines.

Chen Qu: I want to be a big star like Zhang Ziyi or Lin ChiLing. I really admire them and hope to be like them one day.

To find out more about future AKB48 experiences and their sister group concerts as well, do check out www.akb48.com.sg

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