Spotify Launches In Singapore, Malaysia & HongKong

Spotify, the leading music streaming services is finally here in this part of Asia. Opening for business in Singapore, Malaysia and HongKong, this will give music fans a legal free way to get music from Spotify’s 20 million plus songs without having to worry legalities. Yup and this means there is no need to use a VPN or other tunneling services to get your daily dose of music.

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At the official launch today held this morning, Spotify’s Head of New Markets for Asia Pacific, Sriram Krishnan, took time to explain to everyone present how easy it is to use Spotify. Members of the media were given a chance to try out for themselves how easy it is with the various smart phones and laptops present. Being a hands on person, I decided to give the application a try as well and I can testify that what Sriram says is indeed true.

In fact if one have been using music library programs such as iTunes or even the Windows Media Player, the desktop version of Spotify is easy to get used to. Within minutes of setting up my account, I have added my friends in the US to the follow list and added The Fray’s Heartless and Civil Twilight’s Letters From The Sky and shared it on Facebook.


Yup if you are wondering, Spotify is also about going social and users who are familiar with the usual sharing and posting on social media will have no issues with this. If it has been Spotify’s plan to go simple so that everyone can enjoy and share music, they definitely have done it right.

As for the music library, well all I can say is that almost everything is here… well almost everything that is in English. From good old boyband hits like Backstreet Boy’s I Want It That Way to OneRepublic’s Fee Again, a simple search and out comes the results almost immediately.

Sadly the non english content is still kind of weak as I couldn’t find bands such as SCANDAL and my recent favorite, One Ok Rock. Bigger names such as my all time favorite Japanese artist, Utada Hikaru, has a small presence with her English songs. But I can’t find the Japanese ones like Sakura Drops or First Love.

I guess this is one area Spotify still has alot of work to do. Thankfully mandopop fans still have Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou in Spotify’s library and others such as JJ Lin and Wang Lee Hom also makes an appearance.

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One feature that I am particularly excited about is the Radio function. While it doesn’t really work like how the traditional medium with the same name works, it is quite a useful feature for days where you just want sit back and let someone decide which song to play… with the someone being Spotify’s highly advance algorithm of bits and bytes.

Overall the launch of Spotify here in Singapore is quite an exciting event for myself and many others who rely on streaming music to keep them going through the day. After all, with the internet bandwidths hitting decent speeds and streaming media becoming so mainstream, it was about time a streaming music service such as Spotify hits the sunny shores of Singapore.

For more information on Spotify, do check out their website at

by Kenneth Wong
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