SOYC Updates Round Up

With just one day to do before the first major Cosplay/Japanese Sub Culture event of the year happens at Nee Ann Polytechnic this Saturday the 9th of April 2011, We at POPCulture Online have decided to take a look at the updates on SOYC itself.

Sneak Peak By The SOYC Committee

It seems that the SOYC Committee has decided to release some sneak peak photos for the event on the SOYC official website.

Here we have a picture of what seems to be the wrist band which you will get for entering the event. A nice little touch is the tofu mascot picture on it which to me makes it stand out from the other wrist bands from other events.

Another thing to get your hands on for those going for SOYC is the colorful information brochure. With the map of the whole event and even a little information on SOY's history, this look like a keeper. Oh and not forgetting the little tofu on the mushroom which is in line with the whole Alice in Wonderland theme for this year too.

Competitions Prizes Revealed

Another update that's been release is the finalized prizes for the many competitions going on this year at SOYC. Thanks to the many sponsors this year, the prizes look very attractive.

Cosplay Solo Competition

1st prize: 1 Samsung NX 100, $200 Costar vouchers, Animax goodie bag, Tofu customised plushie

2nd prize: $120 Costar vouchers, $50 Kinokuniya vouchers, $50 Haru vouchers, $50 Pan-in-the-box vouchers, Animax goodie bag, Tofu customised plushie

Cosplay Group Competition

1st prize: 1 Samsung NX11, $280 Costar vouchers, 6 Animax goodie bags, 1 Tofu customised plushie

2nd prize: $200 Costar vouchers, $100 Haru vouchers, 6 Animax goodie bags, 1 Tofu customised plushie

Cosplay Competition (both Solo and Group)

Crowd’s favourite: $50 Haru vouchers, $20 Kinokuniya vouchers

Battle of the Ani-bands Competition

1st prize: 1 Samsung Camcorder, $100 Kinokuniya vouchers, 6 Animax goodie bags, 1 Tofu customised plushie

Blazblue Competition

1st prize: $90 Tornado vouchers, $30 Kinokuniya vouchers, 1 Tofu customised plushie

2nd prize: $60 Tornado vouchers, $20 Kinokuniya vouchers

Card Game Competition

Official Shakugan no Shana & Macross Trial Deck Tournament

1st prize: 4 Booster Packs of choice, 1 Tofu customised plushie

2nd prize: 2 Booster Packs of choice

3rd prize: 1 Booster Pack of choice

Consolation prize: WS Promotional Card [PR Card]

Unofficial Black Rock Shooter Title Cup

1st prize: 3x Black Rock Shooter Extra Packs, 1 Tofu customised plushie

2nd prize: 2x Black Rock Shooter Extra Packs

3rd prize: 1x Black Rock Shooter Extra Packs

4th prize: 2x Vol.5 Silver PR Card Pack

5th prize: 8th- 1x Vol.5 Silver PR Card Pack

GANTZ Sneak Peek

With thanks to Encore fFlms, sneak peaks of the manga/anime turned live action movie, GANTZ will be shown at SOYC as well.

Charities at SOYC

And to end off everything, we thought we just had to do a special mention here for two charities that will be at SOYC.

Project Kizuna Special Announcement

As we are sure everyone knows, Japan was hit but a huge earthquake which resulted in a tsunami which wiped out a port town and nuclear power plants going crazy. While Japan maybe far away from sunny little Singapore, its influences have reached many here. From the anime that you watch, the managa that you read or even the songs that you hear, many have been influenced by part of the Japanese Culture in one way or another. And two of these charities have decided to try and give something back.

Omake Studios

Omake Sama or Rescend is no stranger to the local cosplay community having wowed us with many of his works with the rest of the equally amazing Omake Studios. From stunning cosplays to equally stunning photos, One can just spend hours going through their works in admiration. Every donation will entitle you to leave a message to Japan and take home a nice Polaroid picture either of yourself or with someone from Omake Studios.

The Cosplay Chronicles

And in collaboration with Omake Studios, the 1000 Paper Cranes, 1 Wish for Japan project by The Cosplay Chronicles will also be at SOYC. A quick background on this is that in Japan, the Crane is said to be a holy creature that lives for a 1000 years. Thus its commonly said that folding 1000 paper origami cranes can make a person's wish come true.

You can find Omake Studios at Booth A33/34 while the 100 Cranes project can be found just beside the SOYC information Booth.

Sources: SOYC Official Website, Omake Studios, The Cosplay Chronicles

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