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A bunch of us love video games at POPCulture Online and E3 is the biggest video game exhibition to unite video gamers all around the world. It’s also a great place to see how Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft compete on the big stage to show us their latest games, gadgets, services and a whole lot more. This year, I sat down and managed to catch a live stream of Sony’s E3 conference. This is an article with a quick breakdown of what we saw.

Kicking things off we managed to enjoy gameplay footage of The Last Guardian. The interactions between the main character and his faithful companion was truly magnificent. Every animation sequence seem to highlight the building of trust in this relationship between our 2 main characters. This is one of Sony’s exclusive title coming in 2016. We certainly can’t wait for the actual release of this game.

Guerilla games also highlighted a new IP which was truly exciting. We all know Guerilla for their very successful franchise, Killzone. However, fans were given a treat to a new game exclusive again to PlayStation, Horizon Zero Dawn. An action RPG that takes players on a journey to a post apocalyptical world where machines resembling dinobots have somewhat inhabited. We were presented with a gameplay sequence that showed our female protagonist go head to head in a boss fight. You can find it in our gameplay trailer below.

One of the biggest announcements and trump cards to the presentation was without a doubt, the announcement that Square Enix would re-make one of our favorite games of all time. RPG fans unite, after 3 PlayStations, the official word was that Final Fantasy 7 would get a remake releasing first to the Playstation platforms. The crowd cheered as they took in the news. They were of course greeted to a teaser trailer which we have appended in the article as well. Beautifully rendered, we got a treat to an extremely high definition version of what our game would look like. We look forward to a release date announcement from Square Enix soon.

Fighting fans arise. Part of the Sony exhibition showcased another long awaited fighter Street Fighter 5 which looks absolutely brilliant. Presenting another 2 characters Birdie, whom some might know from the street fighter alpha series and Cammy who was introduced earlier in Super Street Fighter 2. Here’s a trailer to Street fighter 5 coming to the Playstation 4 exclusively.

Other games were mentioned in the presentation like call of duty black ops 3, assassin’s creed syndicate, Disney infinity 3.0 and Batman Arkham knight’s scarecrow nightmare missions exclusive to the Playstation 4.

Towards the end of the conference, we also got a chance to look at Star wars battlefront slated for the end of the year release in November. A multiplayer sequence was shown on tatooine titled “survival mode”.  To which, I was absolutely astounded at the graphics and the presentation which looked like something out of a movie set. It was a joy to watch rebels exchange with storm troopers. Coupled with the star wars OST, it was hard to imagine we would be getting our hands on this at the end of the year.  So whether you decide to hop into an x-wing, tie fighter, be a jedi, the option is yours alone in star wars battlefront. Check out the trailer below:

Finally, the last sequence, the big finale of this year was once again naughty dog’s Unchartered 4. Join Nathan Drake on the PS4 for one last ride. Coming in from last year’s E3, it was nice to see some actual gameplay following Sully and Drake in a city as they fight off what looked like military in a driving and gunning sequence. It was reminiscent to hear drake and sully have a go at each other in some familiar 1 liners. You can catch some of that here in the trailer below. Unchartered 4 A Thief’s end is scheduled for a 2016 launch exclusively on the PS4.

Finally, PlayStation will also be introducing “Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller 20th Anniversary Edition” in North America, Europe and Asia in September 2015 retailing at a recommended retail price of US$64 to commemorate 20th anniversary of the original PlayStation console launch.

DualShock 4_20th anniversary edition (2)

This limited edition controller will come in ‘Original grey’ finish with a four colored PlayStation family mark emblazoned on the PS button.

DualShock 4_20th anniversary edition (2)

We hope you enjoyed our E3 presentation sum up on Popculture online. Keep it here for more of our gaming coverage.

By Kenneth Choong

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