For the first time we feature an animated character as our babe of the month. Who can resist the charms of Smurfette? This time in the all new live-action version of the hit cartoon series, Smurfette is voiced by “Her Hotness” Katy Perry!!

The Origins

Smurfette was the only female Smurf until the creation of Sassette. A Granny Smurf was also later introduced, although it is unclear how she was created. Thierry Culliford, the son of Peyo and current head of the Studio Peyo, announced in 2008 that more female Smurfs would be introduced in the stories.

Smurfette has more delicate features than the other Smurfs, with long blonde wavy hair, longer eyelashes, and wears a white dress and white high heels. She is the love interest of almost every Smurf. Those voicing her include Céline Monsarrat and Lucille Bliss.

The adventure of the Smurfette first started in Spirou magazine in 1966. At the end of this story she left the Smurf village, thus restoring the status quo of an all-male community. She made the occasional on-off appearance, but when the animated TV series of the Smurfs was introduced in the 1980s she was featured as a permanent character, appearing in stories in which she was not included in the original source comics. Thus the comics also started to feature her as a permanent character.

2011 Film Version

Smurfette is voiced by Katy Perry in the 2011 film version

About gaining the voice role, Perry said: “They had done a blind test where they took certain voices from previous interviews and matched them with the character. They liked my voice without even knowing who it was, and when they found out it was me, they thought that would work out. My personality was just a plus!”

Babe Factor

Well we’re absolutely thrilled that Katy voiced smurfette so as a bonus here’s photos of Katy as Smurfette.

I think you could say that we have 2 babes of the month.

Photos courtesy of Sony Pictures Singapore

You can catch Katy Perry as the voice of Smurfette in The Smurfs opens in cinemas 1 September

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