Sitting down with Lawson

British band Lawson was in town this week for an extremely quick visit en route to Australia where they will be touring with Robbie Williams. Elliott Danker had the chance to sit and have a chat with them but it didn’t end up being all about music because the band are huge footy fans.


POPCulture Online: First things first, you guys took a break for about 18 months, what were you guys up to during this time?

Writing and recording an album. We were looking to head up to Nashville and when we were there we were writing and recording some of the songs from the Lawson EP that we released over here in Asia and we also took the time to make sure things were right really.

POPCulture Online: You’ve got a new album that’s out and it’s quite unconventional because it includes half the songs from the first album Chapman Square and some new songs as well. Why choose this method?

The only reason why is because when were in the UK we released Chapman Square Chapter 2, which was kind of the deluxe version of the debut album. But that was not released here in Asia. We haven’t exactly released the full 2nd album which will only be out next year. So that’s kinda why we decided on this current album release so that our fans in Asia can experience the songs that were released in the UK.

POPCulture Online: What is the inspiration for the 2nd album?

Well it’s just life in general. Everything we release is usually about situations that we always come across or have been affected by. Songs that you can relate to as well. Our songs have loads of hidden meanings as well and you can make what you think of the songs.

POPCulture Online: How is it like being on the go all the time? You’re here in Singapore for a day and then off to Perth, it must be tough, how do you deal with it?

It’s our second time here and we wish we could stay longer to soak in the culture and maybe head down to Universal Studios. We love Asia in general but it’s too bad we couldn’t stay longer.


POPCulture Online: I understand you guys are from Liverpool. So I’m assuming you are Liverpool fans?

We’ve got three Liverpool and one Brighton…..we have no idea why he’s the odd one out. Andy: Yeah I was asked to pick a team and I picked Brighton and so I’ve got to stick with it. But we’re top of the Championship so it’s all good.

POPCulture Online: Oh the little kids league eh

All: Ohhhhhh ouch mate!

POPCulture Online: How have you found Liverpool this season so far?

Well obviously it’s a bit of a turn around and now with the news that we’re going to hire a new manager. So perhaps some with more experience will benefit us. Brendon Rodgers did a good job but perhaps maybe his time was up, 3 seasons and didn’t win a trophy so maybe it’s time for something new.

Ryan to Adam: What would you do?

Suarez should not have gone! If he had to go I would have replaced him with someone like Sanchez, someone who’s like for like and out and out attacker rather than sign 6 or 7 players. But at the end of the day, no regrets, Brendon’s done a good job.

POPCulture Online: The only regret there is Mario Balotelli

All laugh loudly

POPCulture Online: Which manager would you prefer? Jurgen Klopp or Carlo Ancheloti

All say Klopp.

He would inspire the club, he’ll come in with his big personality and make such a huge difference.

POPCulture Online: If you guys were not musicians, what would you be doing? 

Andy: I’d be a Pilot

Adam: Football related for sure. Maybe a coach or a physio or something to do with Football. (Ryan: You should manage Liverpool) All laugh.

Joel: National Geographic. I’m down with that sort of stuff so yeah I’d want a job there.

Ryan: I think I’d struggle. It will have to be something to do with music or something artistic because I’ve done this for so long.

POPCulture Online: Quickly give us a run down of your plans for the rest of the year?

Well for starters we are off to Australia to support Robbie Williams for a whole month. It’s gonna be amazing, he’s a big idol and inspiration for us.

Then we’ve got a sold out tour of the UK in November.

Ryan: It’s gonna be so busy because we’ve had so much time off in the studio so it’s great to be busy again. It’s like hell is gone and heaven is here and we can finally get back to what we do best. To be back on stage to to feel that love again. There’s so much life running through our veins when we’re on stage, you can’t explain it.

Andy: We’re gonna try and have a football game with Robbie too because his whole band plays as well so hopefully we can make that happen during some down time.


Lawson’s new album “Lawson” is out in stores now

Photo coverage courtesy of Alex Tan

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