SITEX 2013 Report

Held at the Singapore Expo over the last weekend of November, many flocked to the final computer and electronic consumer show for the year. While SITEX is no stranger to the crowded schedule of shows for each year, this year’s SITEX somehow proved to be one to remember.

SITEX 2013 Lenovo Thinkpad

A common sight among the shows and no different for SITEX 2013 is the presence of the many big retailers selling the major computer and laptop brands such as Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, ASUS and Lenovo. From entry level laptops to high end gaming desktops, those looking to get a new windows machine for the new year were spoilt for choice.

SITEX 2013 SteelSeries Booth

Interesting enough, there were many new products being showcased at SITEX 2013 considering end year shows are usually pushing for current stocks in preparation for new models coming in the next year. From the latest DELL Laptop whose specifications look vaguely similar to the latest Mac Book Pros to the ASUS desktop that can charge your mobile phone via NFC and not forgetting the latest SteelSeries Siberia Elite headset, SITEX 2013 had many gems waiting to be discovered.

SITEX 2013 Canon Booth

Another product that got many looking out for was the new DSLR from Nikon, the Nikon Df. Locked away in one of the display sets, it was no surprise to see many asking if they could try the DSLR out. But the real gem from the photography section was the Canon booth where certain lens were going at a great price… including some of the L lens. At a very competitive pricing compared to grey or import sets, I could help myself and took out my credit card to bring one of the macro lens home.

Intel Extreme Masters Singapore

Fans of the popular Starcraft 2 and League of Legends were also in for a treat as the Intel Extreme Masters was in town as many big names battled it out over cyberspace. From CJ Entus Frost to the likes of Acer Scarlett, fans turned up in droves to catch their favorite players in action.

One of the most memorable one for me was the match between Acer Scarlett and StarTale Bomber. Playing Zerg, Scarlett was up against Bomber’s Terran which has beaten her on many occasions. Yet with all of her wits combined with fast reaction, Scarlett came out tops in a trilling best of 3 match. Unfortunately Scarlett was knocked out the next day in the lead up to the finals which proved that the Koreans are still the king when it comes to Starcraft 2. A big congrats to CJ Entus’ herO for taking the title.

SITEX 2013 ASUS Booth

Overall it has been a good 4 days going down to STIEX and even though I told myself not to spend too much, I ended up almost spending my year end bonus away. Not that I got any complains as some of the pricing were really competitive and it made sense to get it at SITEX since I am there. The shuttle bus from Expo to Tampines MRT was also a nice touch which made traveling to the Singapore EXPO a lot more convenient.

It is always nice to end the year on a good note and thanks to SITEX 2013, I am sure that Christmas came early to many including me.

Do check out our photo gallery for all the action that happened over the SITEX 2013 weekend over at out Facebook page.

Photos by Ken Koh

by Kenneth Wong
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