Singapore’s Biggest Green Lantern Fan

Better known as the man behind MovieMania, Reno Tan has worn many costumes from the likes of V for vandetta, Iron Man, War Machine, Batman and the list goes on.

There's one superhero in particular that he's always been inspired man, The Green Lantern. POPCulture Online caught up with Singapore's biggest Green Lantern fan (and his kids) at the gala premiere of Green Lantern and asked him about his love for the franchise and how he felt about the character finally making it to the big screen.

POPCulture Online: Tell us more about MovieMania? How did it all start?  

Reno Tan: MovieMania was started in 2005 when I decided to create a community to discuss, share and enjoy our passions with movies and movie costuming, props making. Since then, I've have gathered a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with like-minded passion in this hobby.
POPCulture Online: How long have you been a fan of the Green Lantern? 

Reno Tan: I have been a Green Lantern Hal Jordan fan since I was a teenager reading comics back at Comics Mart back in 1988.
POPCulture Online: What do you think sets The Green Lantern apart from all the other DC superheros?

Reno Tan: He is one of the most powerful characters and have always played only a supporting or minor role in the DC universe until recently.
POPCulture Online: The Green Lantern movie is one of the most highly anticipated superhero films of 2011, as a fan you must be thinking "they've finaly made a GL film. How does that feel and what are you most looking forward to about the movie?

Reno Tan: The Green Lantern movie can only be made with advanced CGI effects. His whole power comes from his willpower and is only limited by his imagination.

Thankfully, DC has resurrected Hal Jordan who was dead for 10 years in the comics universe and they paid attention to the legion of Hal Jordan Green Lantern fans by finally releasing his first solo animated film and now this huge summer blockbuster.

POPCulture Online: There's already talk about a sequel, possibily a trilogy. Is there a particular villian or story line you'd like to see in future films? 

Reno Tan: (Spoiler Alert) Sinestro is seen wearing the yellow ring and every Green Lantern fan knows that Sinestro is the arch enemy of Hal Jordan. Part 2 should have more action and make the villian more personal as they will probably show Sinestro's descent from Mentor to Arch Villian. Mark Strong will definately have an expanded role as Sinestro is the next movie.

Looking further ahead, Part 3 should focus on Carol Ferris aka Star Sapphire in the comics. Fans of the comic would know that she will be given an alien crystal from the planet zamarron and will turn into one of Hal Jordan's nemesis. She is the only main DC character who is both a love interest and villian at the same time. Imagine Lois Lane fighting against Superman? This angle would be interesting and should form the core story of Part 3.

POPCulture Online: Lastly, do you have a favorite Green Lantern from the Corps?

Reno Tan: I like the Green Lantern Mogo. He is the only planet sized Green Lantern, the largest and most powerful Green Lantern but he doesn't socialize very much either….haha!

Woah, that's one truck load of information and Reno has truely proven himself to be Singapore's biggest Green Lantern fan. It's true what he says that with the Green Lantern universe so huge, it really is down to the imagination of the possibilities that could be done for the character on the big screen.

From what we understand, Reno was satisfied to see Hal Jordon come to life on the big screen by the end of the film. Find out all about POPCulture Online's review of Green Lantern here.

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