Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention 2011 Media Preview

The Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention(STGCC) held its Media Preview today and POPCulture Online was down to check out what this year's STGCC has to offer to visitors over the August 20th & 21st weekend.

The first thing that greeted members of the media were the 3 exclusive Hot Toys that will be available in limited quality. They are the 1/6 Scale Batman Begins: Batman Limited Edition, 1/6 scale Iron Man 2: Iron Man Mark IV and the 1/6 scale Predator 2: Shadow Predator. Definitely one for the collection.
Ms Yeow Hui Leng, Project Director of STGCC 2011 started off the session with an overview of this year's STGCC and it was very encouraging to know that the team took the feedback from last year's event to heart and have used these to improve this year's event.
I make all my costumes with my own hands. I also use my own clothes in a way that it resembles the character's costume as close as possible but I'm careful about the kinds of fabric and size of the costume so that it bares good resemblance and fits well
Kipi on her obsession with cosplay costumes. 
A household name among local cosplayers is Japanese cosplayer Kipi who was also down for the media preview. She shared about her experiences as a cosplayer and also impressed everyone with her growing command of chinese. And for fans of her cosplay, she shared that she will be cosplaying as Shana from Shakugan no Shana & Meiko from Vocaloid on saturday and Homura from Madoka Magica on sunday.
Singapore has an appreciation for architecture. I've noticed a lot of Asian cities look hastily assembled without much artistic design but when you drive along Singapore roads you can really see the artistic side of the country.
Paul Levitz on what he likes about Singapore
Just when you think you've had it all, something new surprises you. I thought I had eaten all the different kinds of crab the last time i was here but this time I've discovered that I must try butter crab so it's next on my list. I'm also big on chili sauce so I'm open for donation of recipes from if any ladies, wives, mums and grandmas
C.B. Cebulski on food he wants to add to his foodblog
And for comic fans, both Paul Levitz from DC Comics and C.B. Cebulski from Marvel plus Peter Tatara from ReedPOP were up next to answer some questions and talk about the comic industry. One interesting question was about creating a Singaporean superhero and Paul would give him immunity to temperature while C.B. says the superhero should have multiple powers. Peter adds in that the superhero would have powers in relation to the ocean as what impressed him when he touched down here was the lights from the many ships at our world class harbor.
Not forgetting our own local talent who was scouted from the huge list last year, Benjamin Ang was up to show everyone his latest works for Marvel which are The Amazing Spiderman and X-23. Well done Benjamin for doing us proud!
There were other items on display as well from the various booths that will be there during STGCC 2011 like the dooodoll's Mugs which once again our POPCulture Online photographer still have difficulty in deciding which of these to put in the office pantry. We had a close up also of Andrew Bell's cute O-No Sashimiand Androids which most probably will up on one of the POPCulture Online's crew table.
The media preview ended off with a group rotation interview where we got the chance to talk to C.B. Cebulski and Paul Levitz.
Eastern manga is more personal with focus on the character. The artist invests a lot of himself into it so there's more emotional attachment to the reader than in comics. Western artists already know the characters so they are just telling a story form point a to b. They are pretty much playing with a company's characters and not their own
C.B. Cebulski on the difference between eastern and western artists
I'm a big fan of the teem heroes like New Mutants and Teen Titans so i would really like to see characters from the New Mutants like Danielle 'Dani' Moonstar pop up in future X-Men movies.
C.B. Cebulski on comic characters he would like to see in future Marvel Movies
Superman has always been my favorite comic character because the human dimension is so pure. I think one of the nice moments for the character was when Dean Cain was cast in Lois and Clark. He wasn't a classic all-American type but more exotic which was a nice touch for the character. Superman isn't human which means the actor playing him doesn't have to be bounded by origins. Though i haven't seen all his work, Cavil seems to be a great actor so I'm really looking forward to seeing him don the cape.
Paul Levitz on Henry Cavil playing Superman in Man of Steel
I'm having a great time working on this. We are doing a 6 issue series set in Italy where Huntress shows up in Naples to cut off a shipment of guns being sent to Gotham but she discovers an illegal sex trade also going to Gotham and gets in the middle of it to try and stop it but runs into trouble.
Paul Levitz on the upcoming Huntress comic series
POPCulture Onlline is definitely looking forward to this year's Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention with so much content tor both east and west popular culture fans alike!
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