Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2019: A New Beginning

Ever since the name change to the Singapore Comic Con, many eyebrows were raised as to what organisers ReedPOP were trying to do with this. After all, the Comic Con moniker comes with higher expectations as with what is found overseas such as the New York Comic Con.

The POPCulture Online team takes a trip down to the Sands Expo & Convention Centre to check out what’s in store at the last popular culture event for the calendar year.

Singapore Comic Con SGCC 2019 XM Studios

Singapore Comic Con SGCC 2019 Mighty Jaxx Sesame Street Cookie Monster

Welcoming event goers to SGCC2019 is the vast number of toys on display with XM Studios, Lego and Tamashi Nations all lending their weight to the event. From Marvel and DC universe premium collectables to sesame street characters with a twist, SGCC continues to wow in the toys department.

Singapore Comic Con SGCC 2019 Event Artist Alley Purrballs

If these were not poisonous enough, the artist alley continues to pile on the poison with local artist showcasing their artwork. From their own take on popular anime and game characters to cute little feline soft toys, begging you to adopt them home, the poison level was in the red here at SGCC.

*This writer also spent 3 digits on merchandise and will probably be eating grass considering his low one tenth bonus amount this year*

Singapore Comic Con SGCC 2019 Event Gamersaurus Rex Tabletop

For tabletop warriors, a whole area was dedicated for the Emperor’s finest Space Marines to defend humanity while new recruits interested to fight could try their hands at painting their first figurine.

Singapore Comic Con SGCC 2019 Panel Andy Kubert

The event has always been able to bring in big names in the popular culture scene and this year is no different with heavyweights such as Andy Kubert, Whilce Portacio and even our own Johnny Lau of Mr Kaisu fame. Long lines also formed at the many guest’s booths and even longer at the special autograph sessions.

From panels about the comic book industry to live illustrations on the main stage, SGCC2019 continues the trend of bringing in good content from the previous years.

Singapore Comic Con SGCC 2019 PVP Esports OG Topson

Singapore Comic Con SGCC 2019 PVP Esports Alodia Gosiengfiao

Following up from last year’s Esports area, this year sees PVP Esports join forces with their vast experience and resource in this area. From the Grand Finals of their Community Leagues which saw over 400 teams battle it out to big names such as OG’s Topson and celebrity cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao, clearly showcasing what they can bring in.

Bringing in PVP Esports was definitely a good move as the whole area now feels more in tune with the culture and the various personalities present completes the whole experience.

Singapore Comic Con SGCC 2019 Singapore Pro Wrestling

Singapore Comic Con SGCC 2019 Singapore Pro Wrestling

An interesting addition this year to SGCC2019 are the wrestlers from the Singapore Pro Wrestling. Performing high octane moves in the squared circle, the wrestlers competed for the Comic Con Cup on day one and also in cosplay for day two.

While not there yet compared to what WWE and the New Japan Pro-Wrestling can offer, this writer still enjoyed himself and hopes that the Singapore Pro Wrestling can continue to improve themselves. Although thumbs up for the good attempt to bring in the Singaporean flavor!

Singapore Comic Con SGCC 2019 Cosplayers Mercy Overwatch

SGCC2019 also saw many from the cosplay community showing up as characters from mostly western popular culture. From comic characters such as Spiderman and Thor to gaming ones such as Mercy from Overwatch and of course Star Wars, event goers were happily snapping away or even posing with them.

The Championships of Cosplay also returns where contestants showcased their hard work to win a chance to represent at C2E2 2020.

Singapore Comic Con SGCC 2019 Minister for Communications and Information Mr S Iswaran

Being part of the Singapore Media Festival also meant a visit by Minister for Communications and Information Mr S Iswaran!

Singapore Comic Con SGCC 2019 Cosplayers

At the end of the day, the question to be answered is if the event lived up to the Comic Con moniker. Well after covering what used to be STGCC for so many years since we became supporting media, I would say that SGCC still has a long way to go to live up to the Comic Con name.

But the good news is that this year’s SGCC felt like it returned to the roots of what a western popular culture event should be. With the right direction in place and a foundation set, it would be interesting to see where the ReedPOP team takes SGCC to next year!

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